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Lord Arthur Savilles Crime

Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime 

Bonington Theatre, Arnold, NG5 7EE
Wednesday 17th - Saturday 20th October 2018

Lord Arthur Savilles CrimeThis is a wonderfully funny adaptation of a short story by Oscar Wilde which was originally published in 1891. Constance Cox’s adaptation first appeared in 1952 and has proved popular with theatre companies ever since and  previously performed by the Bonos in1975. It involves the tale of the hapless Lord Arthur (“not overburdened with brains") who is due to marry the lovely Sybil Merton. However Sybil’s mother, the formidable Lady Julia, doesn't trust Arthur and insists that he has his palm read by society cheiromantist/palm reader Mr Podgers. 
Unknown to Lady Julia, Mr Podgers tells Arthur that his palm reading reveals he must commit a murder. Poor Arthur, aided and abetted by his faithful butler, Baines, decides to kill off one of his lovely elderly relatives - with results that are far from satisfactory!

A cast of wonderful, eccentric characters and sparkling Wildean wit provide an enjoyable evening of laughs and surprises…





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